RxMM Operations Inc.

  • RxMM is currently building a cannabis cultivation operation to support an approved contract to supply cannabis to a prime contractor for a US Government Agency (details withheld).
  • RxMM has invested $750,000 to date to purchase and has developed a 120-acre property located in southern California.

RxMM Health California City

  • RxMM Health Inc has executed agreements to acquire cultivation and extraction permits, and 2.5 acres of suitable land in California City, to establish greenhouse cultivation operations for the production of cannabis plants for medicinal applications.

RxMM Health Long Beach (RxME #2):

  • RxME #2 is locating in Long Beach, CA and plans to leverage a Long Beach City approved indoor cannabis cultivation license. This single story 43,000 sq.ft. building will incorporate the same advanced technology and systems planned for RxMM Health Inc’s state-of-the-art RxME #1 multi story facility. It comprises a 22,500 sq.ft. cultivation room, a 12,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing operations and 8,500 sq.ft. for storage and distribution loading bays.

Plan view of the warehouse design submitted to Long Beach City for a permit

Processing – Manufacturing:

RxMM Extraction Systems, Inc. was formed to exploit the Cannabis and Hemp extraction equipment market by introducing superior, advanced technology. RxMM formed a joint venture with a long-established USA Based equipment manufacturing company that has an extensive IP portfolio, and decades of manufacturing experience for global customers a range of autoclaves, composite extraction and molding systems.

RxMM Extraction Systems’ Joint Venture revolves around incorporating explicit knowledge and the IP of proven systems integrated with RxMM’s IP which is required to automate high volume cannabis and hemp extraction and distillation processes. The major advantages are software programmable automated systems to achieve performance and quality levels currently unattainable within the industry.

Currently, development is on track for a working prototype in early Q1 – 2019. This new extraction system will include the following features:

Reactor & Extractor

  •       One-hour extraction cycle times vs industry norm of 2-3 hours per cycle
  •       Scalable reactor capacities from 50, 150, 500 & 1000 pounds of biomass
  •       95%+ extraction efficiency
  •       Non-flammable, non-combustible proprietary engineered solvent
  •       Solvent recovery and recycling
  •       Horizontal and vertical loading for rapid throughput operation
  •       Programmable software for automated controls
  •       High vacuum capacity
  •       Temperature controlled glycol jacketing
  •       Fast, easy cycle transition and clean-out


Soul Organics™ Retail Products & Treatment Centres & Alzheimer’s Defense

Soul Organics™

  • RxMM is in the process of converting the Thryve Healthcare brand (Thryve™) into Soul Organics™, a leading integrated provider of medicinal cannabis and CBD therapeutic products, services, and Soul Organics branded dispensaries.
  • Manufacturing, marketing and distribution a range of CBD products that initially include its Skin Deep™ (a skin care product range) and Friends for Pets™, a line of care for domesticated animals.
  • Distributing CBD/THC products for nasal strips, transdermal patches, tinctures & creams.
  • Initial sales are via its online store, appointed distributors, and Advocacy groups; Soul Organics is launching its brand through retail locations in 2019.
  • RxMM is also distributing Alzheimer’s Defense  – a nutraceutical supplement that has been extensively researched and clinically tested to defend against the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s Defense

Alzheimers Defense (“AD”) is a proprietary, CBD infused “all natural” nutraceutical product consisting of:

  • Alzheimer’s Defense daily tablets,
  • Alzheimer’s Defense PLUS+ CBD daily gel caps,
  • FDA approved NeuroNasal Strips, and,
  • CBD PLUS+ anti-oxidant topical patches to support overall antioxidant and anti-inflammatory wellness for up to 72-hours.

AD’s claims are underpinned by two scientific research studies funded by the National Institutes of Health and conducted at the University of California, Irvine, and the Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders (UCI MIND) at the University of Kentucky. Both these studies support the AD’s efficacy claims. Currently, there is no other preventative Dementia/ Alzheimer product on the market with evidence to support product efficacy claims.


Soul Organics NeuroNasal Strip®

  • RxMM is in the process of converting the Thryve Healthcare brand (Thryve™) into Soul Organics™
  • RxMM Healthcare is introducing the world’s first patented FDA approved NeuroNasal Strip® which is a medical delivery device for dosage-controlled CBD administration. This groundbreaking nasal strip eliminates the use of pills, sprays or powders by delivering micro-encapsulated medication instantly through the olfactory system to trigger direct neuro/physical action lasting for approximately 4 hours.
  • Soul Organics’ NeuroNasal Strips are a natural, safe and effective method to deliver a controlled dosage of medicine that does not pass through the liver, lungs or gut, avoiding undesirable side effects.
  • The market for NeuroNasal Strip formulated on cannabis and CBD products has the potential to exceed US$1 billion.

Soul Organics Transdermal Patches

  • RxMM is in the process of converting the Thryve Healthcare brand (Thryve™) into Soul Organics™
  • Soul Organics is introducing Transdermal Patches and Sublingual strips to use in conjunction with NeuroNasal Strips to offer 24/7 sustained delivery.
  • Transdermal Body Patches can contain other proprietary nutraceutical supplements for conditions, which include nausea, stress, pain relief and sleep disorders.
  • Transdermal Body Patch and Sublingual Ice Strip products are planned for release in 2019.

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